Parlux Hair Dryers

There are hair dryers and there are hair dryers. Most have great looks and come in sleek designs but not a lot come with features that really guarantee your hair the best. The Parlux hair dryer is one of a kind; it stands in a class by itself. It is named among the best products such as Babyliss and more but yet, it comes at more flexible prices than many of these “great” hair dryers. This dryer guarantees you professional results without having to visit a professional salon. It will help you cut back on how much you spend on your hair monthly and of course, this will in no way disturb how beautiful you hair is and should be.


The Parlux hair dryer is made in Italy by a reputable company. This company uses a K Lamination motor which guarantees best results for your hair. Not many hair care products have featured the K Lamination motor in their products. Having a hair dryer from Parlux in your possession gives you the opportunity to give the best to your hair. The product comes with pretty cool features. It is sleek to look upon and it comes with an ergonomic handle.



Powerful-1900 Watts

Long lasting -2000 hrs


Parlux 3200 $180

Parlux 385 light weight $210


  • 2100 watts of controlled power
  • 18.5cm in length
  • Ceramic and ionic technology – leaves hair feeling ultra soft, shiny and frizz-free
  • Patented silencer to help with noise reduction
  • 6 speed/heat settings – energy saving, quick drying
  • Instant cold shot button for setting hair
  • 2 x concentrator nozzles for precise styling


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